About Our Relocation


70 South Street Open as of July 27

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Why did the Co-op move?

Over the last 45 years, the Blue Hill Co-op has relocated many times as we've grown. We have operated out of the old Sedgwick School House, the Sedgwick Redemption Center, The Barn Castle, the former Blue Moose building, the Halcyon Grange, and in the earliest days we shifted monthly to different private residences of various Owners. The Co-op had been at 4 Ellsworth Road since 1993, and though it has been a happy home for us, we can't continue to grow at the rate we have in such a small space. Anyone who has ever had to park at the Co-op in August can easily see why we needed to upgrade. The same goes for anyone who had been in the old back room on a delivery day during the busy season. 

Changing to a venue, that is not only bigger but actually designed for our needs, will enable us to continue to grow and evolve along with our community. 

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Thank you to the over 300 Co-op Owners who have contributed $1,852,562 towards our relocation effort.

How Will Expansion Benefit Our Community?

Expanding the Co-op will:

• Provide additional jobs.

• Generate tax revenue.

• Provide opportunities for more local farmers and vendors to sell their wares.

• Offer a wider variety of fresh, high-quality food.

• Serve as a model for other cooperative businesses.

• Enhance our ability to support a thriving local economy.

• Provide a community room to host educational programs for everyone.


South Street Solar Project is Fully Funded!

The tall, pitched roof of the new co-op storefront was designed for the sun.

Thank You to all the Co-op Owners who donated towards the Co-op’s Solar Project!


Investing in the Co-op’s Relocation

Phase III Fundraising now closed. 

Investment closing numbers.jpg

We can still accept cash donations either directly to the Co-op or through EMDC. 

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Would you like to support the Co-op by donating to the relocation or solar project?


You can direct your donations to Eastern Maine Development Corp (EMDC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN 01-0281875) that has partnered with the Co-op to facilitate the expansion and relocation project.

Donations to EMDC will be combined and granted to the Co-op at key points in the relocation process. As EMDC is a nonprofit, donations to them are deductible to the extent the law allows.

Mail donations to:

Eastern Maine Development Corp
ATTN: Blue Hill Co-op
40 Harlow Street
Bangor, ME 04401
REF: Blue Hill Co-op Relocation


If the tax benefits are not important, you can donate directly to the Co-op, care of:
Kevin Gadsby, General Manager.

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